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Triangle Grading and Paving, Inc.

Triangle Grading and Paving Inc. is a complete site work contractor located in Burlington, NC and has been in business under its corporate name since July of 1984. Since its inception the company was guided by R.G. “Ronnie” Kirkpatrick, Sr. until the time of his passing in 2018. Working alongside of him since 1984 and serving as Vice President has been R.G. “Gray” Kirkpatrick, Jr. Upon Ronnie’s passing, Gray Kirkpatrick, Jr. has continued to guide the company as the new Owner/President. We have been able to build long lasting relationships with clients in the public and private sector alike.

Turnkey solutions

Based in Burlington, NC, Triangle Grading and Paving Inc provides public, federal, and private construction services across the Southeast. We perform turnkey solutions for a diverse range of projects from large federal site projects and public landfills to major municipal water and sewer to downtown streetscapes for cities. We specialize in large site work for manufacturers and many highway projects for the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) throughout the state.

Professionalism from start to finish

Triangle Grading and Paving Inc always makes sure to get the job complete in a timely and safe manner, using as many recycled and green products as possible. We make a conscious effort to reuse and recycle on a daily basis. We've reused thousands of tons of crushed concrete and asphalt millings on a wide array of projects.

We also recycle trees, and have turned them into mulch to reuse on many jobs. Waste control is a top priority of ours. We believe in making an effort to be environmentally conscious while also ensuring every job is done correctly to our exacting standards.


License No.17456


License No. G96702


License No. 14060057


License No. 2705034555

We are proudly licensed to serve these states

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